Partnering with PDX has revolutionized our business operations.  The integration has streamlined our processes, fostering efficiency and boosting productivity.  Their dedication to excellence shone brightest when we encountered hurdles along the integration journey.  Time and again, they demonstrated their unwavering commitment to overcoming every obstacle, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.  Thanks to their relentless […]

Michele and her team were wonderful to work with, they adapted to our business needs with every road block we hit and helped us create a seamless transition. The amount of time I have saved from having to enter invoices into external platforms because of the B2B integration that Procuredox helped us configure, has been […]

My experience with Procuredox has been great. While I am a novice at B2B integration, Procuredox has been insightful, supportive, and open to all of our needs so that we can support our customers’ needs. The support team has been incredibly responsive and helpful throughout our integration journey. They provided timely assistance whenever we encountered […]

I have found the service from ProcureDox to be exceptional. Not only are they a great team to work with, they deliver on what they promise, are quick to reply to support calls and show a determination to work on any issues until they are resolved to my satisfaction.

I have no doubt that if we had not been working with ProcureDox, our latest integration product would still not be completed, and our product would not be benefiting from the new capabilities ProcureDox has given us. I have no hesitation in recommending ProcureDox to other companies, or using them again on internal projects.