Electronic Invoicing Made Simple

Fast, efficient and secure. ProcureDox makes electronic invoicing simple and
seamless for suppliers and their clients.
Save time by reducing duplication, effort and errors; invoices are paid in less time.

Secure Cloud-based Data Exchange

Secure cloud-based data exchange between client systems and industry payment hubs means that invoices are
received in the proper format ensuring accuracy, ease of processing and payment.

New Service

Cost-effective Business Solutions

Fast and reliable electronic invoicing
without hidden charges and at a fixed,
flat rate per invoice sent. Your first 10
invoices are FREE, after that send
invoices anywhere in the world for as
low as $1 per invoice.

Manage Procurement from Anywhere

ProcureDox works with a company’s
existing ERP system or via online portal.
Invoices, purchase orders, responses
and other procurement documents are
exchanged easily amongst trading

ComplyWorks and ProcureDox Collaborate to Save Companies from Steep Fines with PO Compliance Check

eProcurement is the first solution to combine electronic invoicing with compliance verification, empowering clients to immediately reduce fines after deployment.

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ProcureDox Announces Field to Payment Solutions

In addition to our industry-leading 100% invoicing and integration solutions, we’ve unveiled our new Field to Payment (F2P) offering with numerous operational and financial benefits.

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