Network Portals ProcureDox Connects to Via B2B Integration for E-Invoicing

Need to eliminate the manual process of entering invoices into any of the portals?
ProcureDox can submit Electronic invoices to any of these network portals/delivery methods from any accounting system, financial system, or ERP; we’re system agnostic. If you don’t see the network you are looking for, contact us. We are always looking to add new connections.

Suppliers (ERP)

The system creates invoices in a structured digital format following a specific e-invoice schema with mandatory parameters, ensuring automatic processing by the customer’s accounting system.

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Acts as a mediator. It takes the structured invoice data from the supplier’s ERP system and converts it into a format that is compatible with the customer’s accounting system.


Once the invoice data is converted and transmitted by the plugin, the customer’s accounting system receives the e-invoice. The system can then automate various invoice processing steps.