ProcureDox B2B EInvoicing

is an integrated software as a service (SaaS) solution providing e-invoicing and data exchange technology to automate and consolidate disparate billing processes for suppliers. Accounting departments leverage ProcureDox to easily manage invoices, purchase orders, and field tickets directly from their internal system(s) of record to each of their customer’s online business networks like Ariba, OpenInvoice, Jobutrax, GEP Smart, etc. Once connectivity is established with a suppliers’ source of truth, the ProcureDox integration engine allows suppliers to utilize one process to submit all billing regardless of the delivery method or customer requirements, ensuring customers transacting on network portals, or utilizing legacy models like email, mail and fax – are all satisfied. Electronic messaging and the ProcureDox integration portal provide status insights into processing status and billing exceptions, further reducing cycle time, DSO, and rework.

  • Single integration point to support all customer billing from networks to legacy billing methods like eMail, mail, and fax. Data re-entry is all but eliminated.
  • Customer billing requirements and modifications are managed by ProcureDox.
  • Automated submission of supporting documents with billing
  • Streamline A/R processes, Improve cash flow and DSO
  • Bi-directional integration: Gain insights into invoice status & payment
  • Consolidate status reporting into your source of truth to streamline collections efforts
  • Reduce exception handling and rework (pricing, match exceptions)