About ProcureDox

Founded in 2009, headquarters in Calgary, Canada, with operations in North America and the Middle East, ProcureDox is a leader in B2B data exchange, assisting Supplier connectivity to their customers (buyers) through eCommerce. ProcureDox makes electronic invoicing and procurement simple and seamless for suppliers and their clients. Secure cloud-based data exchange between client systems and industry payment hubs means that invoices are received in the proper format ensuring accuracy and ease of processing and payment.

As buyers continue the rapid adoption of eCommerce within their Supply-Chain and Accounts Payable departments, suppliers are left struggling to enable themselves for the digital world, suffering increases in the cost to invoice, longer periods to receive payments and decreased customer satisfaction.

Typically, buyers and suppliers send and receive purchase orders, invoices, receipts and other supporting documents by mail, email, fax or directly through their existing systems (Portals, B2B, EDI etc). With ProcureDox, suppliers now have an answer to the growing demands from their customers to electronically bill them regardless of how the customer receives those bills, the documents necessary to transmit, what system(s) they use or the size of either the supplier or customer.




We are proud to say that we are members of PIDX. PIDX stands for Petroleum Industry Data Exchance, therefore PIDX main remit as an Industry Body is the development of Royalty free Electronic Business Standards for Trading Partners within the Global Energy Industry. PIDX Standards help drive eBusiness adoption, integration cost reduction, and improve overall Business Processes Efficiencies.


ProcureDox Business Solutions Inc. is audited by CSAE-3416. CSAE-3416 is also known as Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization and it has been designed to provide standards and guidance to an auditor who is reporting on controls. Interested to know more about this? Contact Us and our team will gladly get back to you within 24 hours.