ProcureDox was developed to address the reality that companies conducting businesses together use different accounting systems and each anticipates that the other will comply with their accounting system requirements.

ProcureDox facilitates an easy and secure exchange of e-invoices and supporting documents between suppliers and their customers regardless of the accounting systems used. Our solutions work with the accounting systems of small suppliers and large organizations. Some of the more common accounting systems we’ve successfully integrated ProcureDox with include:

  • Accpac
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Peoplesoft
  • QuickBooks
  • SAP
  • Simply Accounting

ProcureDox does not just work with the most well known accounting systems. With a single integration project, we can connect any accounting system to all of your customers efficiently and cost effectively.

Companies conducting business together use different systems, invoicing hubs and store data using different databases. ProcureDox ensures that whatever databases you and your clients use to store e-invoices and related data, the invoice data will comply with database requirements. The most common databases we’ve successfully integrated ProcureDox with include:

  •  DB2
  •  Microsoft SQL Server
  •  MySQL
  •  Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase

We don’t just integrate ProcureDox with the most popular databases. ProcureDox has the capabilities to work with almost any database used by organizations today.

Many large organizations currently use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a preferred format for exchanging transactional data with their trading partners. Legacy software and systems have been built over decades using EDI with substantial investments in technology and systems. High setup costs, difficult maintenance of EDI connections with customers and costly ongoing transaction fees make setting up EDI for small suppliers unrealistic and an expensive option for large companies.

ProcureDox circumvents the need for suppliers to deliver EDI files by translating invoices into an EDI format. A single connection through ProcureDox makes it possible to do business with a customer requiring EDI compliance.

ProcureDox provides invoice data capture and validation features to ensure suppliers submit accurate invoices that comply with their client’s invoicing standards to avoid processing delays. Key features of our invoice data capture and validation functionality and services include:

  • Access our self-service portal and Secure Exchange web to verify yourself if an invoice was successfully delivered
  • Ensure all invoicing requirements are included in an e-invoice
  • Ensure all mandatory coding comply with invoicing standards
  • Immediate error messages via email and systems messages if invalid invoices are submitted
  • ProcureDox support team is available 24/7/365 to troubleshoot invoicing issues caused by human or systems failure

Suppliers must connect to clients using different invoicing hubs. We have forged successful connections between suppliers and clients using:

  •  ADP
  •  Ariba
  •  Cortex
  •  OB10

Each of these companies has built up a network of trading partners on their hub and tried to convince suppliers to choose their hub to distribute e-invoices. With ProcureDox there is no need to choose one hub. We connect suppliers to any invoicing hub used by clients with a single integration project.

While ProcureDox has a proven successful track record of integrating with the most current invoicing hubs on the market, we can connect suppliers to any invoicing hub. We have also forged direct connections between suppliers and their customers.

If your client is not connected to the ProcureDox network, it is a simple process to add that company to the group of trading partners using ProcureDox. All you need to do is to introduce us to your client, and we will communicate and work directly with them to add them to our network.

SAAS-based solutions are becoming increasingly pervasive as companies seek to license solutions that minimize their internal IT requirements and find more efficient ways to maintain software. ProcureDox carries out all file translations in the cloud and we have a secure online portal and Secure Exchange Web, that suppliers are able to access remotely through a password protected login to submit invoices.

  • Security and protection of your data is paramount. With this in mind the ProcureDox solution has been designed to ensure secure data storage and secure connections exist between systems that ProcureDox connects. Features include:
  • * 2048-bit encryption of data
  • * Invoices are delivered using SSL certificates through Entrust, a trusted global provider of SSL certificates
  • * Servers are stored in two hosting facilities (Calgary and Vancouver) that are monitored 24x7x365 and require photo ID access at all times
  • * Full redundancy of data backed up daily
  • * Disaster power systems and backups in place to ensure operations are not impacted due to disasters such as floods or damage to facilities

For businesses delivering products and services locally or across borders, ProcureDox software is setup to ensure full tax compliance with Canadian and American tax regulations. We have successfully connected North American trading partners to capture appropriate provincial, state or federal tax requirements. ProcureDox can also be configured to comply with tax regulations in other countries or to be VAT compliant when delivering services to European customers.

Every day suppliers of services deliver thousands of e-invoices to their customers. Their customers have different accounting systems and protocols on how they’d like to receive invoices. Some customers may require an XML document, others a CSV file to be imported into their system. Some customers may also want a supplier to attach a field ticket to their e-invoice, others want a purchase order attached. ProcureDox makes this process easy.

ProcureDox facilitates easy and secure exchange of e-invoices and supporting documents between suppliers and their customers regardless of data formats required, accounting systems used or invoicing hubs they are connected to.

ProcureDox was designed with suppliers in mind that submit many e-invoices each month to multiple clients. Suppliers of services in the energy sector are ideally suited to use ProcureDox and make up the majority of our clients. But ProcureDox can be used by companies in any sector – home improvement and health care companies are using our solution.

While we have 70+ companies currently in our network, we can easily add any of your customers. ProcureDox supports suppliers and client organizations with an enrollment program that provides education via webinars, group presentations or even one-on-one meetings.

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